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Issue 1 is more than a measure to grow Arkansas. Issue 1 protects you and your family. There are NO CAPS on damages for things like lost wages or medical bills which can be in the millions of dollars in an accident. Issue 1 allows families to be fully compensated for 100% of economic losses past, present and future and protects the right to trial by jury. Donate today to protect Arkansas families and jobs.

Arkansas is surrounded by tort reform states. As a result, recruiting doctors – especially desperately needed specialists – is much more difficult for Arkansas. The same is true for attracting new employers and growing existing businesses that create good jobs throughout our state. Learn more about the benefits of Issue 1.

Issue 1 provides you with a constitutional protection from greedy lawyers who charge predatory contingency fees. Those fees can go as high as 50% or more of your settlement. Without the constitutional protections created by Issue 1, your lawyer takes away more money from a tragedy in your life than you do. That’s not fair. That’s wrong. The Arkansas constitution limits predatory payday lenders. It’s time to stop predatory trial lawyer contingency fees. Stay up to date on all of the breaking news regarding Issue 1.

Lawsuit reform protecting patients and small businesses is supported by leaders in Arkansas and across the nation. Issue 1 is supported by a diverse Arkansas coalition of individuals and groups including farmers, doctors, hospitals, economic developers, truckers and job creators. Voting Yes on 1 restores the power of the civil justice system to all Arkansans and allows their voice to be heard through their elected representatives who will once again be able to pass laws protecting victims like the Child Courthouse Dogs Witness support Act and reform our rigged justice system to help our state compete to grow jobs and recruit doctors. Learn More About Issue 1.

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